Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Song of Sparrows - In search of hope

Yesterday I reached home late ... I was feeling full, so managed with a sandwich which i took as parcel from office... Home is a bad place without your family... I cannot think it without books or movies either....

Coming to the point... while browsing through channels, I caught up with 'Song of Sparrows' in UTV World movies at 10:30 PM. I'd heard about the movie earlier, but could not manage to watch it. Rarely i get opportunity to watch Iranian movies, the struggle and passion with which they make movies has always fascinated me.... 'The Apple' is one such movie which I’d loved so much, even its screen play has been kept in my personal drive.

The story of “Song of sparrows” is about Karim, a worker in an Ostrich farm. Bad time, one of the Ostriches manages to escape from the farm, making Karim responsible. He searches the bird in deserts, farm lands, vacant lands and where not. Failing in his attempt, Karim gets fired from his job. With his old bike, he goes to the nearby city. In a city where common man use bike taxies for commutation, Karim finds a new way of living. The later part of the story gives glimpses of Karim’s role as a husband and father, and the relationships in and around his family.

The movie directed by Majid Majidi doesn’t have a great story, but it has moments... it has the power to drag you into the mind of the main characters and feel for them... The movie has been filmed beautifully, realistically and the characterization is the winning point. Karim, played by Naji , is the USP of the movie. His eyes and expressions have Karim written all over. See one scene where he dresses like an ostrich and searches for the missed one. And the other scene where he goes to a home to gets back the blue painted door which his wife Narges has donated. One another impressive scene is where Karim's son and other kids tries to put the fishes (which they were longing to posses - their hope) back into a broken bucket.

The movie has several symbols of hope. The ostrich comes out as a symbol of his hope – the hope that Karim can meet his family’s needs… And that is what the movie communicates – search for your hope… one day it will find you! It should be noted that the most of the symbols of hope are related to nature, which gives another layer of hope on man's survival with care for nature.

Worth many watches… given a chance, don’t miss the “Song of sparrows” – I’m sure that it will enchant and embrace you with a smile.

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