Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Neelathamara - നീലത്താമര

Saw Neelathamara teaser today in Asianet News. A short interview with al Jose was also there.
The Yousafali Kecheri version of Neelathamara was never in the favorite movies list. I personally feel that the screenplay will be placed in the bottom of list of scripts written by the maestro M T. Naturally, the remaking of Neelathamara made my eyebrows rise.

When I heard that the director is Lal Jose and MT will make relevant changes in the script and characterization, I became curious. When I heard the song “Neelavilochananaayi” and saw its sequences, I felt the charm. The song has few beautiful reactions of Archana. Even the posters are also looking impressive. Anyways, let us wait till 27th to see the native girl who prays to see the blossom which is believed to answer the questions from a worried mind – hope Bangalore release is there.

While searching through channels, NDTV Good times gave me a surprise. The program “Picture Perfect” was showing the shooting techniques. The discussions were happening in the sets of “Vaamanan”, a tamil movie directed by I Ahmed. The director and Cameraman Arvind Krishna were discussing on the cinematic challenges, techniques and other related information which I found very useful. For any thorough movie observer or person interested in film making, this program will be a great watch! Looking forward to see much more episodes of the program….

That’s all for the day… good night.

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വിന്‍സ് said...
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വിന്‍സ് said...

I will see this film for Archana. She is very very beautiful!!! It's been a very long since I been attracted to an actress.