Friday, September 23, 2011

Does Prithviraj deserve this?

I'm not a fan of Prithvi. I like Prithvi the same way I like many other actors. Many of his movies failed to impress me; few of them are in my favorites.

As far as the current concerns about Pruithviraj, what I could understand as a frequent internet surfer are;
1. Of the people who express their feelings in social media, there are more who dislike him than like him. You may even get cornered if speak something good about him.
2. More that any Malayalam actor/actress till date, people are interested to hear and talk about Prithviraj’s personal life. His marriage has acted as a catalyst towards this mania.

3. PHA (Prithviraj Haters Association) members feel that after Puthiya Mugham’s BO success, Prithvi has started treating him as a superstar. HIs interviews that time repeatedly focused on the crowd-pulling ability a.k.a superstardom of the young actor.

4. And many more

What I could not understand are
1. Why does audience need to be too concerned about an actor’s personal views and ambitions? Come on, even in the case of Santosh Pandit we talked more about his video/movie!
2. Is it too hard to listen to someone’s thoughts which could be in a way different from ours? If it is becoming too sensitive for the film-goers, should he/she stops giving personal interviews and appear for media only for promotional based shows?

3. Should we blame a man for the quoted ‘worst parts’ from his interview? Why can’t we have healthy discussions on the best parts? There are good and bad and ugly in any mans life, speeches just reflect that. I understand it’s a world of media, but still!

4. Why can’t we speak more about movies, movies and just movies?

However, in reality, there is no answer to ‘what I could not understand’. And that’s why we say ‘reality sucks!’. We love to talk about bad things than good things. That’s why our newspapers are filled with ‘hot news’. That’s why we fill black letters in white background. That’s why even a children animation video (Ambili Ammavan 2 by Empire Video) dares to create an animal character which mocks Prithviraj. Does Prithviraj really deserve this? End note, we love to deviate from the core!

We have seen what could happen to an actor’s movies when audiences start talking against him. In Prithvi’s case, may be people have mistaken his character’s attitude as his own. Think of his recent movies like Anwar, City of God, Thriller, Manushya Mrugam and Urumi. All these movies demanded a ‘plain face with an attitude’ from Prithvi. Even a very well performed flashback in Anwar had to take backseat to his dare looking face. The same period came his thoughts about Big Ms, his marriage, Supriya’s comments on South Indian actors and many more incidents with negative vibes. Manikyakallu and Arjunan Sakshi (AS) which had shown the soft part of Prithvi had to take the beat due to the unimpressive screenplays. A dare attempt in portraying a hero with a scared face in AS was also not taken well by theater crowd.

I’m sure that than anyone else Prithvi has sensed the hostile world around. He had been through the same when he acted in Vinaya’s ‘Vellinakshatram’and ‘Sathyam’ during the Amma/Macta/Fefka fight. It’s his personal choice whether to find the easy way (just shut up and listen) or the thorn path (be responsive). After seeing the ‘Dr Love episode’ and his reply to Director Biju, I felt that he has become more sensible in his talks. Now he is speaking more about the subject, avoiding sentences which could be misleading. That’s a positive sign.

Renjith’s Indian Rupee (IR) is coming at the right time. The trailer shows a common man as Prithvi’s character. In the movie his face does not carry attitude. Moreover the positive feel audience has on Renjith can very well wipe out any dislikes on Prithvi’s personal views. I strongly believe IR could be the movie which parts Prithvi’s acting span.

Let’s hope for the best!


Anonymous said...

good.a good article.

Satheesh Haripad said...

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